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Alexander van Berge first developed his passion for photography as a teenager growing up in Amsterdam, when he’d spend much of his spare time shooting friends and capturing places and moods using his first camera, a Leica. Fast-forward around thirty years, and his shots of some of the world’s most intriguing homes have appeared in magazines and advertising campaigns across the globe. Says Alexander, ‘architecture on its own is always interesting, but architects do tend to insist on perfection when it comes to photography of their work. With interiors, on the other hand, you get the combination of the shape of the rooms and the tastes and personalities of those who live in them – and that’s what makes my job so enjoyable.’

Above all, Alexander enjoys working with homeowners, art editors and corporate clients to produce an end result that everyone’s happy with: ‘It’s all about achieving a creative balance – about producing photos that look great while at the same time conveying the client’s message,’ he says.



Alexander van Berge – photographer, planning shoots
Ellen Calis – financial, office, digital imaging, locationhost
Saïra van Essen – digital imaging

and a pool of talented freelancers
assistent photographer – styling – foodstyling – digital imaging – camera – visagie – decor

Photography Arjaan Hamel

Photography by Arjaan Hamel